Question looking for new pc headset for gaming


Aug 30, 2012
Hello all im looking for a new headset to get any recommendations for decent quality currently had corsair void elite wireless which was amazing
then i went for logitech Logitech G733 it was terrible not sure but corsair void elite wireless was way better then this then i give away to my brother
and so not long ago my corsair void elite give up not working anymore

so i would want to prefer more logitech as i have keyboard and mouse logitech
but not sure which headsets would be good decent not looking for very expensive maximum i could go would be £100
looking for a new headset
about a year ago i picked up an Anker Soundcore Life Q20 and they have been great.
wired(3.5mm) or wireless option, ~40hr battery life on wireless, great sound quality, over ear & comfortable, and not very expensive.

they sound much better than my old Corsair Gaming VOID PRO Surround set.
plus no USB cables or iCUE to deal with.