Looking for New Ram and SSD on a Asus P7P55D Pro motherboard, best bang for buck?


Dec 14, 2013
Hi Everyone this is my first post here ever! :bounce:

I work as an freelance artists in the gaming industry and have been notice that my specs just isnt good enought when working on big projects. Its especially the ram that doesnt work but also the small amount of GB i have on my SSD.

So my plan is to update my ram from 8GB to as much as possible. 16GB is suppose to be maximum but i have heard some rumors that you will actually be able to squeeze in even more? Anyone know if its possible to get 32 GB? I also wonder if i can use just two slots 8 GB each instead of using all four slots (4 X 4 GB)?

Regarding the SSD i am completely lost. I Simply want to buy something that has at least 80 GB and are better than the old one but dont know at all where to start.

All parts should be more cheap than badass. As long as they are better than my old specs.
Here are my specs today:

Asus P7P55D Pro 8 Gig Corsair 4X2 GB DDR3-1333 GeForce GTX 460 X2 SLI
QuadCore Intel Core i5, 3100 MHz
Hard drives: 1. SSD Intel 40 GB 2. SAMSUNG HD103SJ 1000GB.
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
And best of all...... MY WACOM TABLET!

Thanks everyone!

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