Looking for options - Heat and Loud Fan


Hey All,

Got a bit of a quandry and I was looking for some suggestions.

I recently got the monitor I wanted to complete the bedroom HTPC build (HANNS-G 27.5"). The HTPC is comprised of left-over parts from previous upgrades. The components include:

Motherboard - ASUS A8N-VM s939 (1xPCI-Ex16, 1xPCI-Ex1) m-ATX
CPU - AMD Athlon X2-3800+
RAM - 2x1GB DDR-333
PSU - Antec SmartPower 4.0 500watts
CD-ROM - Unknown IDE
DVD/CD+/-RW - Unknown IDE
HD - Unknown 80GB SATAII
GPU - ATI All-In-Wonder X1800XL
OS - Windows XP MCE 2005

The problem is that when I watch a DVD, by the end of it, the GPU fan is spinning at high speed, making lots of noise and both the graphics card and the power supply are pushing out a ton of heat. Great for the system that it's expelling the heat, but terrible for the bedroom as it has no where else to go.

So what I'm looking for is suggestions for lower heat/noise producing components or a better way of reducing the heat/noise from the current components. This is strictly an HTPC. No gaming what-so-ever. The only browsing will be to WindowsUpdate, NetFlix and Hulu.

Thanks in advance!

-Wolf sends


@mousemonkey -

I'm using the stock CPU cooler (but it's the GPU that's heating up)
No, it doesn't have to be an All-In-Wonder card. In truth, I'd prefer it not be.
The case is a cheap Rosewill ATX Mid-Tower. I paid more for the Scythe front intake fan.


I was actually thinking more along the lines of the HD4350 as at this time (and no time in the foreseeable future) I have no plans to go Blu-Ray.


The case has a 120mm front intake and an 80mm rear exhaust (along with the power supply exhaust). The side panel has a cone for CPU cooling as well as an additional 120mm vent

One correction to the parts list. Apparently, I'd forgotten that my Antec Power Supply got placed into a different case (these things happen when you get old). In this HTPC is a Cooler Master 430watt PSU.

It just surprises me that the GPU got so worked up when all it was doing was playing a DVD. I suppose if heat is not being properly removed from the case, this could happen. For now, I'll try adding a fan to that side vent.

Thanks for your suggestions, but please keep them coming! Again the problem is the system heats up the bedroom and I need a cooler running system.

-Wolf sends


OMFG!!!! Are you guys ready for this???

I don't have an 80mm rear exhaust.... I have an 80mm rear INTAKE!!!!

(now who could have done that???) :pt1cable:

I just noticed this when I was making sure the 120mm side fan was blowing out...

Excuse me while I:

A) Kick myself
B) Go switch the rear fan around...

-Wolf blushes


Not so fast... Even with the fan turned around, it seems air is still being drawn in. In case you want to know, I'm taking a sheet of tissue paper and holding it next to the fan. If it sticks, air is being drawn in. So apparently, that side exhaust fan is overpowering the rear exhaust. Time to go back to testing...


Jun 13, 2009
Well, sounds like the side exhaust fan is just too strong - so make everything work together. Pull in on the side and out for both the front and back - and probably out of your psu as well.



Well, testing is now complete and I can safely say I'm not a complete moron.

As Wickwick suggests, the side fan is too strong, and it's negating the rear 80mm exhaust. I'll see how things pan out with this configuration:

1x120mm front intake
1x120mm side exhaust
1x80mm rear exhaust
1 PSU exhaust

I'll go watch a movie and see what the GPU fan does.

See ya in a couple hours.

-Wolf sends



Just watched a DivX movie. Things "seem" better, at least. I guess the real test comes when I watch a movie mid-day with the sun bearing down on my Southwest facing apartment.

-Wolf sends
Well, I hope that's sorted, mate.
I recommended the HD4550 because the reviews of the 4350 were generally poor with reguards to the DVD/High def playback at 1080 ( you did n't say and I was too daft to ask what your TV resoloution was) and noise on the actively cooled versions.
BTW, why not reverse the side fan to blow in? If it blows straight onto the card and the card exhausts outside that should help with temperatures and provide a positive pressure inside the case, increasing the weight of air that can be ejected through the PSU, helping to cool it.