Question Looking for options on high price to performance replacement for current keyboard.

Jan 12, 2021
Hello there!
Recently i got myself the Durgod Venus, i had heard very good things about this keyboard.

Out of the box i quite enjoyed the keyboard, the build quality was top notch, RGB bright a lovely, and the Cherry mx black linear switches were a joy to type on. 60% form factor was something i am still getting used too.

But alas, one major oversight on my behalf. There's an issue with these keyboards that i couldn't find a fix for.

Durgod keyboards have an issue where, randomly maybe once a day ( inconsistent ) the keyboard totally freezes, and the only fix is unplug and replug it back in. not a huge issue, but one i shouldn't have to deal with and wont.

I'll be looking into getting a return on the keyboard shortly ( though i hear that could be a pain too )

Regardless im in need of help to find a new keyboard and want some suggestions to look into.

Preferences :- Linear Switches, Cherry black or silver, but not against trying different brands too.- 70%/87 key form factor- Full metal body/frame- Interchangeable RGB

Note that these are not requirements, simply preferences that i'd like to meet.

Thanks for reading! :)


Leopold, Ducky, Varmilo, Corsair, HyperX, Keychron or Epomaker (both of those are similar to Durgod design and build, I own several Epomaker and have no issues with them) many good brands of keyboards out there. All those I listed have TKL or smaller models.