Question Looking for options to connect Lenovo Yoga 700-14isk laptop to hotel wifi.

Sep 18, 2019
I stay at hotels several times a month at different hotels. The loations are in Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota, etc. I try to stay at Choice Hotels since I get points with each stay.
I have a 14 inch Lenovo Yoga laptop Yoga 700 14isk.. It has 6 gig of ram and a 500 gig SSD drive that is 10% used.
It has a 1040 PCI Express Mini Card for the wireless lan.
It runs on Windows 10 Pro

Night before last, I stayed in Florida and the Wifi was excellent. I was pretty close to the office and it was fast. Last night I stayed in another building that was separate from the office in Tennessee and I couldn't connect to the internet through their wifi. I used my iPhone as a hotspot and while it wasn't fast, I at least had a connection. I was wondering if I could buy a usb wifi dongle and have better luck since the antenna would be outside of the case and perhaps have a newer version of the lan such as AC versus what is in the Lenovo. It is at least 3 years old if not older.

I know that I can't tell you what the wifi device is on each hotel, but I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience and how you fixed it.

It is hard to predict what will work better when it comes to wifi. The antenna in most laptops is pretty good since they are relatively large and placed in the screen. If you go the USB router look for devices that already come with a usb cable and are fairly large. Many have external antenna. Avoid any very tiny devices these tend to be low power and have small antenna.

I would not worry about compatibility the newer equipment will talk to the older stuff and everything has windows 10 drivers.

The only other option is to use something like a outdoor wireless bridge. These are directional antenna so you can point them at the source an hopefully blast them though the walls. Still walls do a great job of eating signal. They also are connected via ethernet so they can be place far away from the pc helps when the only location that works is up near the ceiling or something,

Maybe make it a point of requesting a room with strong wifi.
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