Looking for PSU Recommendations


Apr 16, 2002
Ok, i'm looking to upgrade my system completely from AMD 2500XP to near top of the line AMD X2 4400+. Naturally this means new motherboard, video card, etc.
Now the thing is my current budget (combined with school, rent, etc) isnt enough for buying it all at once, so my current plan is to start the upgrades with parts that i'll be able to use in my current system as well as the newer stuff (HD, Memory, PSU, then save for the all in one shot mobo/cpu/vid card).

So i've picked out my HD and Memory (1gb mem and a 250gb sata drive) and am looking for recommendations for a PSU. Efficiency is the factor i'm looking at most here since my computer is on quite a bit (20+ hours a day) due to some of the work i do on it as well as processes left on when i'm not attending it, so the best efficiency is what i'm looking for (lower energy bills the better) with noise coming in second.
My current PC is pretty loud from the CPU heatsink fan and a friend of mine upgraded to a x2 3800 and its stock fan is barely audible to me and a quiet environment would be preferable.
Lastly, of course it needs to be able to handle a 250gb SATA drive, 2 DVD drives, an AMD X2 4400+, and 2 7800 gfx cards.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Jan 14, 2006
One word...Antec.

By far the most efficient and the quietest. I just built myself a new computer and I went with an Antec PSU.


I highly recommend that. The only down side is the many wires, but nothing a few cable ties can't handle. It has 4 SATA connectors, two PCI-E connectors and plenty of perriferal connectors.

It has dual 12V for all the power you need plus it's 550W of power. Can't go wrong with this.


Sep 20, 2005