Question Looking for Right-Angle RGB (3 and 4 pin) and USB 2.0 headers. Is MODDIY my only option/reliable?


Oct 5, 2002
I have a Gigabyte Z490 AORUS PRO AX motherboard, it has two 12V 4-pin RGB headers, and two 5V 3-pin ARGB headers. As well as two 9-pin USB 2.0 headers.

The top set of the 4/3 pin RGB headers are already going to be in use, but I still need to use both sets on the bottom of the board, as well as one of the USB 2.0 headers. You can see these headers here:


Problem is... my RAID card is blocking all of them:


(And I can't use the port above it because on top of blocking airflow to my GPU, it would also cut it's bandwidth in half.

It's not a complete snug fit, there IS some room:


But it's not enough. While I can still fit the USB 2.0 header just barely, I don't like how much it's pushing against the battery on the RAID card. And the 4-pin RGB header is completely too big due to how large the standard connector seems to be (My ARGB fans for that port have not arrived yet, but from what I understand, the plugs are around the same size as the RGB ones anyway).

So since there is SOME wiggle room but not a lot, I was wondering if there was any sort of ultra-thin extension cable, or a right-angle connector or anything I could use. I tried to Google about it, but almost all the results for ultra-thin cables were just splitters that had a plug just as big if not bigger, and for right-angle all I found were L-shaped connectors for people who want to setup LED strips along the walls and ceilings of their home, pretty much none of the results were for PCs. And USB got all of my results end up as either USB 3.0 right-angle connectors, or an actual USB cable that had the ends be right-angled. You would think trying to specify "headers" and "PC" would help narrow it down!

However, there was one reddit post I found mentioning a site called MODDIY that seemed to have (almost) exactly what I need.

First of all, can this site even be trusted? Never heard of it before, and I wanted to know if I can trust the connectors to not short out or something since they cost just a few cents each (though admittedly, they seem quite simple since it's just a pin to a pin).

These were the ones I found for RGB:

They seem like they will do the job. I am wondering if it is safe to use something like this, and if there would be any exposed parts that could cause a short. (Not sure what to do about that, electrical tape?)

The ARGB ones however were a little problematic:

If I am looking at this correctly, these would sadly point in the opposite direction I need, they would point up towards the RAID card, and I need them to point down. Furthermore, the images are confusing. One shows a proper setup with one of the pins filled in and empty.... and the other image instead shows standard 4-pin connectors of both male and female. Which makes me question how reliable this site or it's products are.

And then there is USB:

This seems like the proper connector. If I am looking at it right, it should point the pins down judging by where the blank pin in my motherboard is right? But I am not sure if that is reliable. It looks a bit.... overly-simplistic and shoddy. Is this normal looking for this kind of connector?

Does anyone have experience with this site/such connectors? Is this site or these connectors reliable or am I asking for trouble? And are there any other sites that sell such a thing? I was shocked that this appeared to be the ONLY site that had such products, couldn't even find them on Newegg or Amazon. And furthermore, even if I were to get 10 of each of the RGB connectors and two of the USB connectors. that comes out to a mere $5.... yet... it estimates it will cost around $10 to ship! Are there any alternatives so I don't have to pay literally double the price of the connectors just to ship them?