Looking for Router recommendation.


Feb 25, 2013
I am planning to get Internet Service(first time) in my apartment looking for recommendation as to what Router would be the best fit me and/or my environment.

Here are some info:
Planning to get internet service from ISP Time Warner Cable(Spectrum). Need compatible router with TWC.
Will use TWC Modem (it's free). They will do the installation.
I have a very small studio apartment (on the 4th floor) in New York City in a very congested building.
Internet Use: Surfing, Heavy Video Streaming and moderate Downloading. Also some lite work using Kali Linux distribution.
Will connect to XPS 13 9343 Laptop.
Will only be connecting 1 Laptop & Android Phone.
Will be purchasing Nivida Shield android box for HD TV streaming. Prefer little to no buffering.
Want to use my Android Phone for wifi connection with my Home Network.
Would like to switch between Ethernet and Wireless connection.
Initially will purchase 100 mbps internet speed from TWC.
Willing to pay $140.00 or less for the Router.

Any suggestions for a Router to fit my criteria?
Other Hardware/Software I may need?



Dec 28, 2013

In a congested environment any router that can run simultaneous dual band i.e 2.4 & 5 gigahertz will be an anvantage as it will give you more options.
Other than that your needs are fairly standard and just about anythign will do.

The only caution i would advise is if you intended to use the gamestreaming feature on the shield or ans similar real time game streaming service,
Cheaper routers or switches tend to struggle with this as they need to be able to forward rapidly and consistantly, and most importantly with minimal jitter.
This is where price starts to pay off. If any of the devices particimating in real time streaming are using wifi alongside other wifi devices MU-MIMO is a good feature also.

I'm a networking professional, who uses a shield, 2 xps 15s, a few phones, and a number of wired devices.
and Personally I've been very happy with my ASUS RT-AC88U, its probably a bit above your price point but there are cheaper ones in the series.

Ive found every year there are deals to be had on high end routers in the amazon black friday flash sales also :)
If your wifi is congested you will want to wire up as much as you can. wireless space is shared so nothing is guaranteed to work well.
Check to see what TWC is providing you. Most of the modems are also wireless routers.