looking for some feedback on razer blade 15 laptop Base VS advanced models

so the thing is i have some cash to buy a laptop and am looking for something that doesn't look like a sports car like most gaming laptops so i have been looking at the razer blade 15

at first i was looking to get the laptop in the mercury white finish but they only offer this colour in their advanced models

now the problem with their advanced models is that it does not come with an ethernet port, only wifi and it only has one M.2 drive bay and the max SSD they offer is 512GB.

not even 1TB would be good enough for me since my plan was to eventually have this laptop replace my desktop PC and the specs for my desktop are down below in my sig

now the base models only some in the black/green colour scheme but the base model come with an additional drive bay for SATA 2.5" drives and it has an ethernet port as well as wifi

so does anyone think the advanced model would be the one to go with or does anyone think the advanced model is the way to go even with its restricted features.

and please, i know the majority think the razer blades are way overpriced but i have a rare opportunity to get a quality laptop like this

the current config i am looking at for the base is this one


advanced model here in white



Jun 29, 2016
You should better look for performance and not care about design.

Razer blade 15 is a compact gaming laptop and it's not surprising that it doesn't have an ethernet port.

If you want more storage, you can replace your drives with a bigger 2 TB M.2 SSD like the Intel 660p. It offers great value for money.

Base model is what you should buy.
In advanced model, you are just paying extra for the 144 Hz display and RTX 2060.
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