Looking for some input in my build


Well, I'm not inclined to niggle, but if your interest is gaming, you can lower the cost a good bit.
There are very few titles in which an i7 is notably better than an i5; there's $100 off there.
Unless you are planning on high overclocks (not necessary to get playable results in any game), a decent $35 air cooler like a Xigmatek Gaia will save money on cooling. Coolers come with paste, so you won't need to get that either.
The mobo looks good. I like Asus myself.
I use mostly G.Skill RAM, but 8GB should be plenty for a gamer. Unless you will also be editing video, you can cut your RAM (and its price) in half.
Money you're saving may allow you to get a 250GB SSD (Samsung EVO is fine), but 120GB is still okay.
Case is a big personal preference item. You might check out some of Rosewill's offerings though, as one of their features is that they tend to include more fans than their competitors; this might save you a little more on the extra fans.
The V850 is a good, Seasonic-built PSU, but is bigger than you need. You could get 750W and have plenty of headroom.


Feb 11, 2013
I beleive your case already comes with 2 fans (1x 200mm and 1x 140mm) One additional fan should be sufficient.

#2 You should replace the Kraken with a Cooler per Dollar solution (like the Noctua NH-d14 or a cheaper but effective CM Hyper EVO 212 $30).

#3 The GTX 780ti is a monster card are you certain you will be gaming at higher than 1080p? its the only reason i see to pay nearly 38% of your build in one component) (or down grade to a GTX 770 (save yourself over $350 on that alone)

#4 The PSU Try the Corsai HX Line up (better quality that Cooler Master you have there)

#5 Just on windows 8.1 and get it out of the way :)

#6 If you aren't really ever going to do SLI this MOtherboard is overkill (Asus Z87-Pro is a nice board for a start)

#7 CPU (unless you're doing some intense work [photoshop, video editing, auto cad] the I7 May be just overkill, stick to the I5 4670K (if you're overclocking)

In addition, if you choose to make these changed you're looking to save at least $450 (a little more if you have a Microcenter near you)

Best Luck and Enjoy


Danny Kim

Jan 30, 2014
I already have two 2560x1600 monitors so I think I'll be gaming on an abnormally high resolution. I will do more research on the PSU's
Ordering just one extra, 3 was overkill haha. I am going to go SLI as soon as I can afford another card.

I'll post whatever I ordered and make a new thread once I'm complete. It's my first serious build, so I thought I may as well get some nice parts (like the overkill i7).

Thanks for the inputs and all of your time. Wish me luck!


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