[SOLVED] Looking for some tips for Cooling Fan set up

Jan 23, 2019
I am looking in to geting a Thermaltake Core X9 for plans to do water cooling down the road but for now Im going to be seting up just Fans in the case. So I was looking to do intake on the bottom of the case using 6 120mm fans and 2 200mm on top. My Questions are will this still be Positive presser and will having intake on the bottom be a bad Idea? Also If you have any tips on a good fan set up just let me know still kinda new to PC building
Bring in cool air from the front and the bottom of the case and exhaust warm air through the top and the rear. You really dont need 6 intake fans. If you bring in more air that can be expelled, you will create positive pressure. But 1:1 ratio wont always create positive pressure either as intake fans typically have much more restrictions that exhaust does.