Question Looking for someone to build BugBots with

May 2, 2020
I had an electronics friend who used to get together with me once a week and teach me electronics, soldering, Arduino boards. And we had a lot of fun. I’ve spent the last couple years collecting wheels switches LED lights parts for chassis And other fun useful bug but items. He’s too busy with his career these days so looking for a new friend who’s interested in bringing someone up in the ways of the bugbot. Lol
If you’re looking for a new electronics buddy , who happens to be a girl, message me because I have lots of time on my hands and lots of parts and not enough knowledge. :) Thanks for looking
You've posted this on RPi forum, but it works for everything DIY. Check Instructables website. You'll find there plenty of projects for RPi and Arduino - from blinking a LED to quad-copters and beyond.

If you tell here what you'd like to build, we could give you some ideas.