Build Advice Looking for suggestions for a new PC, either for Amazon Prime or Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


Apr 8, 2003
Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for a new PC, either for Amazon Prime or Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Please Note: I’m in Canada. 😊

I used the template in the sticky. I hope I did it right. :)

Approximate Purchase Date: Either Amazon Prime, or Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Budget Range: $1500-$2500 Canadian.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Photography Post-Processing. Some video, and some 3D modeling. Oh, and if I ever get a free moment, maybe do some gaming again. It’s been a crazy year… lol

Are you buying a monitor: No, I currently have an Asus PA329C.

Parts to Upgrade:

(I’ve gotten Intel’s for quite a number of years, but this year may be different. I’m not 100% sold on either AMD or Intel ATM.

Currently have an i5 4690K.

Motherboard: Probably a regular ATX, as my current system has a micro-ATX and the lack of expansion slots has been a massive pain. ☹

Currently have an Asus Z97M-Plus.

RAM: DDR4 RAM. Need 32GB unfortunately.

My current system has DDR3.

New Solid-State Drive: for Windows and some programs. Currently have a Samsung 850 EVO M.2 500GB (Runs at SATA speed). I think I’m good for other drives.

GPU?: Undecided on whether to get a new GPU now or wait a bit.

Currently have a GTX 1070.

Case: A new case that will fit an ATX board.

My current Fractal Design case isn’t big enough for an ATX board.

Things I Hope to Keep:

Power Supply:
Corsair RM 750. Keeping would depend on if I would need a new one once I upgrade my GPU.

Sound Card: Asus Strix SOAR.

Drives: Non-SSD hard drives.

Do you need to buy OS: Uh, I hope not. I upgraded from a retail version of 7 Pro.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: since I’m in Canada if I buy during Amazon Prime Day(s) or any good price, good rep alternative in Canada that has good deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Location: Small town in S/W Ontario, Canada so I’ll need to order online.

Parts Preferences: Have gone Intel lately, but did use AMD quite a long time ago. Not really sure where to turn this generation… For GPU, I’m again, undecided as AMD hasn’t released their counter (as far as I know) to Nvidia’s 3000 series yet. Ray-trace in the 3000 series is supposed to come with a lot less of a burden on the card, but with AMD announcing their own implementation I don’t know how good it will be, or how much of a burden it’ll put on the card since it’s AMD’s first implementation. Other things to consider: I have a 4K, true 10bit monitor. Nvidia has the Studio Drivers now, which allow 10bit, but AMD has always allowed 10bit……. For motherboards, I’ve had good luck with Asus, but I’m not against using another good brand.

Overclocking: Likely, but I’m generally conservative and will often stick to BIOS profiles, with some help from guides for doing minor tweaking of power, and adjusting if the BIOS is too heavy handed.

SLI or Crossfire: No.

Your Monitor Resolution: 4K, 10bit. (3840 x 2160).

Additional Comments: Bling is nice, but if it’s going to kill my budget really, really badly, I can sacrifice it. Also, at times, when working, to much bling can distract you.

Quiet, and good design choices for the motherboard and especially the case. Windows are good for bling, but not usually for quiet. It’s a problem. Lol

Oh, also, I usually put the system together myself.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading:
She’s old, and I’m having problems where I’ll run out of memory while using Photoshop, or the graphic driver will fail, which I’m guessing is a result of the GTX 1070 choking on the monitor. Also, I’m sick of the micro-ATX.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!