Question Looking for suggestions (newbie) to Overclocking.

Nov 11, 2019
I have always been leery to overclock anything or even test it. I was just wondering if there was a certain safe limit I also have everything in liquid cooling gpu included.


Well, GPU overclocking with Nvidia is pretty straight forward. Water cooling basically means you don't have to worry about GPU temperature (if it hits 60C I would be surprised), so set the power limit to max, and try increasing the clock speed offset. When it becomes unstable, back it down a little. Do the same with the memory. That is about as good as it will get without doing modifications or going to extreme cooling.

Threadripper is a bit unique in that you have a lot of cores spread across multiple chiplets. They communicate via Infinity Fabric, which operates at the same speed as your system memory. Anything you can do to increase the memory clock will have an impact.

Temperature wise, AMD gives it a 68C rating, but most people agree that Zen is good to 80C. I would keep it in the mid-70s to be more safe. Voltage, I would say 1.3 volts. I've certainly seen people run more, but they aren't usually after long term use, just best performance.

I would certainly consult a few Threadripper overclocking guides to get a feel for what others have already done.
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