Looking for temp/voltages monitoring software.


Apr 21, 2008
Does anyone know of any software, preferably free, that can monitor temps/voltages and also keeps a log of it all.

I'm trying to determine why my computer randomly reboots. It's really quite odd, first thing i thought of was that it could be the PSU. But after some testing it's hard to say. It has rebooting while idling a couple times before. And it has also rebooted under load.

I have ran it for a week under full F@H load, Graphics and SMP, with no issues. Voltage ripple on the PSU seems good. The 5v ripples about .51%, but everything else has none, att least according to OCCT. Other than the vcore of course but that ripple is vdroop and stuff. But i go and play a game or something and it reboots >< I'm not sure what to make of it.

Anyways i'm looking for a temp/voltage software that keeps a log so i can see what those are at if it reboots again.

The PSU is still under warranty, but i just want to be sure if it's the problem or not before i do anything. It's a Silverstone DA750, last i checked it was a teir 1 psu.