Question Looking for two monitors with 1440p resolution for gaming (single-player/co-op) and for dual monitors


Jan 19, 2015
Hey everybody, so I been thinking about getting two new monitors. Main reason why is so I can multi-task easier when I am learning how to manage Linux and Windows server, etc for school. I am a gamer and do a ton of PC gaming, mainly for single-player and co-op games. I very rarely do competitive gaming such as CSGO or Fortnite. I do play a very large variety of genres such as FPS, platformers, RPGs, almost every genre really.

So yes, I am looking for purchase two monitors so that I can use them both together. The resolution I want it to be is at 1440p. I am fine with the refresh rate being 60 hz if it means cutting down the price. Far as budget goes,my max budget is $500 all together if I can. I been spending alot of money on other things so my budget is a little bit tight right now. Below are my PC specs if anyone needs to know it.

GTX 970
ASROCK H97 Anniversary Motherboard
Windows 7 64-bit


Jan 17, 2018
You should know, in case you don't, that the GTX 970 won't be able to output 60 FPS on ultra or even high settings in most titles in 1440p, let alone 144 FPS. I have a 1440p 165hz monitor and a GTX 1080 and get nowhere NEAR the monitor's refresh rate. I would recommend getting a 1440p monitor for school work and other things and a 1080p 144hz monitor for gaming. That will also help you get higher frame rates with higher settings AND lower costs. If you really do want a 1440p monitor for gaming, you're gonna really have to lower settings with that GPU. I'll put different combinations of monitors here anyways. You are also going to have a hard time finding a 144hz 1440p monitor and 60hz 1440p monitor for under $500. It will probably be a little above unless you can find it cheaper somewhere else.

My Recommendation (a 1440p and 1080p 144hz monitor):
1080p 144hz:
Total: $400
OR if you want the bezels to look more similar, get this instead of the dell (it is curved, not flat!):
Total (with this ViewSonic monitor instead of the Dell): $448

What you want (1440p monitor for media and one for gaming):
Media: (Yes, it's the same monitor as the one above.)
Total: $520
Instead of the AOC, you could get a much higher quality Dell for $30 more. However, it is further exceeding your budget of $500. Here:
Total (with the Dell instead of the AOC): $550

I would recommend looking on other retailer's sites besides Amazon as well because Amazon doesn't always have the best prices. I'm just kind of crunched for time right now so I couldn't.