Question Looking for Ultimate rendering computer 4 cpu (10k budget) maybe quad raytracing gpus too


Aug 1, 2012
So I need a cpu beast of an computer for work, I have multiple clients and i need to be able to make changes in animations photo realistic shots. And rerender them for the client like

I have a 9900k/gtx 1080 but images takes about 4hrs for one photo so imagine 1000 frame video( i lower res now but still days of rendering) but i want to be able to full quality photo realistic vids at 4k for my clients because they spending millions on producing these designs.

i was going to go with dual 64c epycs but they limit to 2 cpu's per a board and 7k each,

right now im also building 4 cpu (18c xeon 8880 v3) cheap off ebay 200 each and mobo 500, theoretically it should be as fast as one 64 epyc in a half, but that will last me only a couple months. till I max the capabilities of that. so i need a future system to look forward to. and that will probably last a year.

from the looks all modern server cpu's single core performance seems to be close to each other, and strongly dependent on clock speed (usually 2.7ghz) and core count and security features. but this system going to be on local network just for rendering. also i dont want network rendering either because of software issues so rack mount of bunch 1 socket cpu's out of question.

so cpu based system not including gpu's I'll add that to the budget, if not satisfied by cpu performances
If gpu rendering is possible and makes a significant difference, I would look into that route, and even though you don't want to, have a rack of those cards in a system as a render server. This way, you can do a frame render on your workstation quickly for checking and then send a 4k render job to the server overnight or for an hour or so while you eat/rest.

The guys on the servethehome forum know a lot about this type of stuff as well as what server hardware would be best. I'd ask over there too.