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Question Looking For Upgrade Advice Please!

Feb 26, 2020
Current PC (built in 2015):

Asrock Extreme7+ Z170
I7-6700K 4.0GHz
EVGA 980 Ti
G Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB)
SSD 860 Evo 2TB
27" 1440p (60hz) Samsung monitor

It seems like this September is the month a lot of new generation hardware is coming out. I'm likely going to get the 3080 RTX and a 4k monitor(LG 27GN950) or the 1440p(Odyssey G9).

My question is, if I play a lot of non-competitive games and watch movies/VR, what motherboard and cpu should I be looking at? I'm not sure I want to invest in Zen 2 with Zen 3 right around the corner? Don't want to wait for Rocket Lake. I don't overclock and don't do any video editing stuff. Will likely be another 5 years before I build another PC, after this one.

Zen 3 with a X570 board?
10700k with a Z490 board?

Thanks in advance for any advice in helping me build my next pc!


The choice is ultimately yours; you're already aware that some new cpus(AMD) and gpus(Nvidia) are on their way within a few months or so.

Motherboards should be about their feature sets:
Bluetooth? y/n
WiFi? y/n
Dual bios? y/n
Bios flashback? y/n
Number of usb2/3/C ports
Number of PCIe slots - for add-on cards
Things like that, and more. Get one with features you will actually use, without all the 'fluff', because it does add to the cost.

Since overclocking isn't on the list, that's like 1/3rd of the reason to get the Intel platform gone.
Your target resolution is 1440p or higher, that's 2/3rds now; Intel loses it's speed advantage over Ryzen 3000 - and likely 4000 - at the higher resolutions. That just leaves the higher price of the platform overall, and IMO, the last reason to go Intel:
Platform stability.
The age of Intel's 14nm Skylake architecture at 5 years - thanks in part to their failure to yield a viable successor(thus all the 14nm refreshes), VS AMD's Zen at 3 years.
AMD's Zen has come quite a ways in 3 years, and is in a very good position - can't say the same for their Navi gpus :chaudar:
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