Looking for Video Cutter / Editor to cut few segments from Video


Aug 13, 2017

I have the following issue:

I want to upload, for no specific reason, simple Gameplay Videos on Youtube. Nothing special, no special effects or animations or webcam, just the Gameplay. Only thing I want to do is to cut out certain parts of the Video, like when I paused the game for a bit due to various reasons. I am a complete newbie when it comes to any kind of Video Editing.

I tried out several free as well as trial versions of different Video Cutter Programs, but couldn't find any satisfying program. Either the trial version has way too little content, or the program didn't had a (for me as a beginner easy, visible and logical) function to cut out a few segments of the Video, or I couldn't simply save the Video in the exact same quality of the original video. It presented me with several options, like bitrate and audio quality and such, when all I want is to have the segments cut out, and the Video saved the way it was simply with the segments cut out.

Can someone help me? Do you know any Program that can help me, or can explain to me how to do what I want with any program, as well as helping me save the Video the way it was?