Question Looking for white case with good RGB possibilities but with specific cooling needs.


Jun 24, 2010
So basically I am rebuilding my PC to incorporate RGB fans and just freshen things up a bit since I was planning on adding new components anyways. I have a NB that has always run a bit hot like hot to the touch and while I used a fan in the past the one I used was cheap and didn't work well (I did keep the aftermarket heatsink which cooled it a little). I have ordered a new heatsink and fan (well a couple actually) to try and see if that helps and I have also heard that a side fan can help. My current case has a side fan which honestly doesn't seem to be helping much but I was going to try to find a case with a side fan. Here is where things get interesting (or maybe not so much lol). I notice alot of RGB cases have no side fan mounts just clear panels which I am kinda wanting to find both in a white case which seems to be a pain to find at least in the US. I was thinking about it though and while I could have both the side and NB fan as intake to cool the NB I was wondering if I have a decent fan and heatsink is the side fan even necessary? For instance if I had 2-3 front intake, 2 top, 1 bottom and 1 rear? I would love to hear some insight on this and maybe some case suggestions in the $75 or lower price range. The form factor is ATX also and my GPU is about 11 inches.


New case designs don't come with the option for side panel fans. If you find a case with a side panel fan you can be sure it is a design that has been around for quite some time. They are largely outdated and unnecessary, plus, they interfere with tower coolers so they are generally undesirable on modern systems.

As you mentioned yourself, they really aren't very effective anyhow. A better overall case airflow solution along with a high quality motherboard and a better CPU cooler, are the preferred solutions to trying to fix a dysfunctional built by throwing side panel cooling at it. It can work, but it's a band aid at best.

Optimally, for MOST cases, three intake fans in the front plus a rear and a top-rear exhaust, are what you want.

What are your actual current hardware specifications including your case model? Please include exact model numbers for motherboard, CPU, graphics card, power supply, memory and CPU cooler.