Looking into best mobo/cpu combo for ~200-250


Dec 28, 2011
Hello all.

I have searched and searched and searched and I can't quite trust the small number of reviews on sites, so I was hoping to hear from personal experiences.

I am looking to do a small (yes, outdated more than likely) CPU/Mobo/Memory upgrade.. all because of trying to install a GT460 GPU and at the same time, my mobo bit the dust. I currently run an E8400 with DDR2 800 memory.. of course, the GT460 is PCI 2.0, and Gigabyte's MOBO I have is out of warranty. I've yet to be able to find an in-stock, decent (read: worthwhile) LGA775 board, so I figured I might as well upgrade it all. I've found an i3 processor (LGA1156) for 125 at NewEgg, and a hand full of mother boards.. however, I was wondering if you all had any suggestions.

My max I really want to spend is 300 (with the cost of DDR3 memory included, not looking to go above 6/8GB)

Thank you in advanced for any replies.