Question Looking to build a gaming PC for CSGO.

Mar 17, 2019
Ryzen 7 2600x cpu
MSI 450 gaming plus mobo
GTX 1060 6gb amp edition GPU
Vg248qe monitor 144 Hz
1 tb hdd
126gb ssd
650 W PSU
GSKILL ddr4 16gb RAM
CM cabinet
Antec kohler Cooling liquid

I want to know if this setup is good for gaming at max FPS for csgo or if i should upgrade anywhere.
Since your using a AIO you could save money and get the 2600 or even 1600 (1600 price dropped quite a bit in the US). For your memory make sure it's 3000 or 3200mhz as speed makes a big difference with Ryzen. Hopefully your PSU is a good quality unit as it's the most important part of the system.
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Feb 19, 2019
I think the setup will manage csgo easily, I have 1050gtx 2gb, 12gb ram, a couple of xeon cpu's (but a single one will do just fine) and it runs perfectly, also you can manage some space on the sdd drive to install csgo on it to have a little better loading times
oh.. you need 144 fps? but the vertical sync will lag the input... anyways I think you should be good... as far as I remember my 1050gtx is capable of rendering about 140fps with everything almost ultra or at least high. so the 1060 should do.
maybe I will install csgo just to help you and see exactly how much fps I get... but it will be not today... maybe tomorrow
also there should be "benchmarks" on youtube

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