looking to buy a 4k monitor


May 30, 2011
Hello my current monitor is starting to crap out on me

And I need to buy a new one soon. I was wondering if I should get Samsung U28D590D 28-inch 4k monitor.

I do plan on playing games such as (bf4 and LoL but mostly diablo 3)
My current set up is
i7 4770k
r9 290x MSI
16 gb of ram

I know there is a lot of cons with 4k but don't fully understand them
Here are the was I do or think i understand
-Can't play most games max out in 4k (maybe LoL and diablo 3?) however I don't mind playing in 1440p window and have something else like youtube in the background.
- Text scaling issue ( windows it can be done but does not work for 3 rd party programs such as chrome and steam)

Ones I don't get
-can't get 60 hz with one hdmi cable but can with two and eye infinity
-but display port 1.2 can? My video card does have a displayport 1.2 so does that mean i can run 60hz with one cable?

So should i buy it or get a 1080p monitor? I know samsung and intel are pushing for a 4k monitor for 400 but as I said my current monitor is no good and need a new one soon.


Jun 16, 2014
IMO i would get a 1440p monitor unless you plan on getting another r9 290x. I don't think one would be enough to push 4k on very many games. I was thinking of getting a 4k monitor too but I'm gonna wait and see if Nvidia or AMD will release a single graphics card that can handle 4k first or at least a dual GPU card that isn't $1500+.

I think if Nvidia or AMD can release a graphics card that can handle 4k at a somewhat reasonable price I may get a 4k TV for my living room to play games on. For now though I'm just gonna wait and stick with 1440p.

I don't know if I will ever get 4k monitor unless they sort out the scaling issues though.


Jun 26, 2014

Considering their approach in the past,I doubt they would make such a card at a reasonable price,if they release one with such power in the first place.My guess is that they would make the cards capable of 4K,and then have the first generation guinea pigs fork over a ton of money for said cards and then have the second generation be more reasonable price-wise since the hype will have died down a bit by then.Generation of course refers to the age at which 4K is smoothly playable with a single card.I'll just sit back and watch it all play out to be honest.I feel like getting a 4K monitor is a bit hasty,I don't like being an early adopter.

@OP,I would seriously suggest that you stay away from 4K for now in the case that you do not plan on getting another 290x any time soon.Even if you do play it windowed,first off is the lack of immersion as now you do not have it 'encompassing' your monitor,your eyes and your world at any given moment.Second is that 1440p,while something the 290X is capable of,is not going to be as fun a ride when you have a 4K screen behind it doing other things like video-watching.I would suggest a 1440p monitor personally.Something like a PB278Q is good.


Nov 9, 2009

Apart from the cost of the cards needed to play demanding games with decent fps, I don't think the various strands of technology are mature enough yet to be combined into the best of everything. I would dearly love to play BF4 on a 4K monitor that is:
1. 34" (I think 30" would be the minimum on 4K and 34" probably the max for maintaining an arm's length distance and still being able to take it all in)
2. IPS (not crucial for shooters but better than TN)
3. 144Hz
4. G-Sync
5. Max. 5ms response rate

Maybe all that in one monitor is still 12 months away but then so is the non-existent GTX 790 (and I'd like two of these to power it all).


Sep 3, 2014
If you can go 4K, absolutely, do it! Anyone who says you need 2 GPUs in order to appreciate 4K are either running weak cards/systems, or just have no clue and are scientifically inept. I have an intel 2600K cpu at 3.4Ghz, P67 mobo with 16gig of ram, and a single gtx780 at stock speeds and most all the games I play work. I'll break down some of the games by what I'm seeing:
Smooth at full 4K and Ultra settings: Farcry3, GTA4, Skyrim (although I do have an issue with "Level Up" on the screen I can't seem to fix), Starwars: Force Unleashed 1 & 2, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider, Castle Crashers, F1 2012....
Games that won't play at all: FEAR, GTA 3 & Vice City....

All these games are locked at 30Hz due to the HDMI issue, and that's the only thing that is irritating. I'm not seeing any issues with this so it doesn't seem to bother me with what I play. The effect is so minimal that when 2.0 is released the bonus will just make it all the more sweet.