Looking to buy a gaming keyboard


Jun 27, 2011
Hi. I'm looking to buy a gaming keyboard for mainly general use and for MMO gaming like World of Warcraft. I'd love to have the kind of keyboard I remember from the early 90s, like one of those clicky IBM type keyboards. Those hard springs made it feel great.

What is a good reliable keyboard that you'd stand behind that is clicky like this?
If you're looking to replicate the "clicky" feeling, you definitely will want a mechanical keyboard with either Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches (same switch action).

The Blues are a bit louder than the Browns but are as close to the buckling spring keyboards (i.e. IBM keyboards) in terms of feel.

You many options for these keyboards - Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Leopold, Das Keyboard, etc. They all use the same switches but have different extras (backlighting, macro keys, etc).

I recently purchased a WASD Custom Keyboard and it's great - great design and you can customize almost everything about the keyboard. For example, here's mine: