Looking to buy a new cable modem/router combo.


Nov 19, 2013

I've had Comcast internet for a few years now and decided its time I should probably buy a separate modem/router instead of renting the one they give me.

Looking to stay under $120 but also not completely cheap out, looking for recommendations!

The NETGEAR N600 seems like a good option to me, if you know anything more about it or have some experience with it, any help is appreciated.

First be very sure to check comcast site for the area you live to be sure that modem is really supported. In general they support the same devices but since they acquired various smaller cable companies over the years they have different system. It can also vary based on which plan you purchase.

I generally like separate modem and router but that will increase your costs. It depends which plan you have and how much wifi you use. 802.11n routers are kinda outdated, you can get 802.11ac routers for the same price many times...not sure about ones that have cable modems.

802.11ac will run a bit faster than 802.11n in many houses but wifi performance is rather unpredictable with so many variables involved.
I prefer to buy the router and modem separately. It gives you much greater flexibility. Plus when it comes to future upgrades. It's easier and cheaper to replace one or the other.

This Netgear modem is very well reviewed. It has 16x4 bonded channels and is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant. It can work with up to 300mbps Comcast internet plans. This is probably the fastest reliable modem you can afford on your budget. If you want room for a decent router.

The router I use is the TP-Link Archer C1200. It has good range and speed. It allows for gigabit Ethernet connections. The router also offers lots of configuration options in the web interface. Unlike most of those all in one modem/router units. It offers external antennae. Making it easy if desired or needed to add high gain antennae.

You can also get the faster Archer C7.

TP-Link are the routers I recommend to clients. So far I haven't had to return to anybodies homes to fix a problematic router.

ASUS also makes good routers. I don't think the antennae in this unit are removable though.