Looking to buy old servers that you dont want anymore


May 24, 2007
Hello everyone. my one old test server died a horrible blue smoke death. looks like a cap exploded killing the mobo and frying everything else.
Since I am short on money, I am looking to buy any old servers you might have hopefully for only the shipping cost or a little more.
looking for any dual socket cpu mobo at least p3 750 mhz. would even go fore a 650.
with dual Channel scsi
and a couple of 20gig or higher hds scsi of course
memory 256mb absoulte min 512 and up would be great
ps of course
with cdrom/dvd if it has it cd is a must
lan, display adapter
audio is preferred but not a must

thankyou for helping out a person saving for school.

the address it would be shipped to is:
surprise, az

thta should help for the shipping est