Question Looking to get into Mesh router


Apr 10, 2014
I've been looking into mesh routers for a long time. I've come to the decision either Netgear Orbi RBK50, RBK23, or Google WIFI. Currently own a Nighthawk X4S, CM500 modem, and 2 switches for more ethernet ports. The router is on the third floor in a three floor home. Our speed is 250 down and 12 up. We have 20 devices on the network. 10 wireless devices that consist of phones, ipads, laptops, and streaming devices. The other 10 are wired devices such as desktops and gaming consoles. I'm trying to figure out what would be best for my home and my network setup. Mainly concerned about network congestion and everything slowing down.

EDIT: The reason we are replacing our Nighthawk is because we've been having disconnecting issues for the past few months and also cannot reach the basement for coverage.
Why do you want a mesh system.

Although they do the wifi repeater function somewhat better than the older repeaters you still have all the issues with 2 radio channels. Proper placement of the units is critical for functionality. There is no magic solution to the coverage problem these device are just simpler to configure they still suffer from interference from neighbors wifi. In fact the more people that put these systems in the worse the interference gets.

If you plan to hook them up via ethernet cable then all you are using them for is AP. They do not provide much more benefit than most other AP.

Although some of these system try to claim seamless roaming that is not really true since the end device not the router/mesh controls when to switch. All the mesh could do is force a disconnect and hope the end device selects the proper connection points. Nobody really needs seamless roaming. I can just see the news of the idiot who fell down his stairs watching netflix on his phone.

If you want AP I would look at ubiquiti instead they are cheaper and can do the same trick of force the client off roaming with their free central controller software.

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