Looking to OC a bit i2500K @ 4.6-4.8


Oct 30, 2011
My question is with looking to OC around this mark, Would a ROG Maximus IV Gene-Z or a P8Z68-V be a better bet, my only hesitation is that the Gene-Z is a mATX and this will be going in probably a 600T, I will only be running 1 GPU probably a 560 Ti or a 570. I am fairly new to OC so I want a board that makes it fairly simple and have seen the tools that ASUS includes.

Any other suggestions would be helpful as well. Thanks for looking
You shouldn't have any hesitation with mATX form factor motherboards. The 600T supports both ATX and mATX motherboards.

If you ever plan to run two graphics cards in SLI or CrossFireX then you should hesitate. mATX motherboards have a poor PCI Express x16 slot layout because of space limitations. The second graphics card will block/severely restrict the air intake of the primary graphics card causing it to run hotter.