[SOLVED] Looking to recover some old photos on a Galaxy S7/S3


Aug 27, 2012
Hi all,

I had a hard drive go belly-up on me and lost some photos of me and my friends/family. It's not the end of the world but I would like to get them back if possible. I had taken these photos on my Galaxy S3 and transferred them to my computer. A few years later I switched to an S7 and kept my card. I don't know if the photos would be on the card or the phone storage.

I am hoping some of the photos may be recoverable from either the phone storage or my card. The problem is that when I look up recovering files from a galaxy phone, I find a bunch of people trying to sell me a dubious looking program that requires buying a license. Phone apps aimed at recovering files require me to "root" my phone, which I don't fully understand on a technical level, but have read will void some warranties or cause other complications.

Can anyone point me to path-of-least-resistance method of recovering these files? When I want to recover deleted files on my computer, I run a program called recuva and can often find them easily with a few clicks, but I'm a few hours into trying to do this on my phone and there is so much <Mod Edit> to sift through and so many hoops to jump through. I just want to see if my old files are still on my phone card and get them back without having to become an expert in the field.

Any help is appreciated.
if the old s3 still works, and you have the storage card
firstly, open the phone and open the gallery and see if the photos are there
if they are, nice, switch em onto the computer
if theyre not, put the sd card in an sd card reader (if you dont have one you can get a cheap one in basically any store for a few dollars) and if the photos are there, nice
if not