Question Looking to upgrade my PC for gaming


Jan 19, 2015
Current Specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
i5-4690K CPU
Evga Geforce GTX 970
16 GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz (4x4)
ASUS H97-PLUS Motherboard
Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2 - Bronze Certified (I had this PSU for 7 years)

I been thinking about upgrading my gaming PC as there are some things about it that will be dated in a year or so. Obviously I should look into upgrading to windows 10. In terms of what I will be playing my games at, it will be at least 1080p resolution (will scale higher if I can handle it) and no higher than 60 fps (due to running an HDTV that only goes to 60hz). I pretty much play any game as I'm not restricted to only a few types of games. In terms of budgets, I can easily go to $1000, but that is only if necessary. Doesn't mean I want to blow $1000. I'm open to any suggestions you may have. I already got one idea from another post I made, and I'm looking to get more opinions.


Apr 3, 2018
TBH I would put in a newer graphics card and roll with it another year or so if that is your only usage case. Not sure what your storage solutions are, but an SSD or pcie M.2 would speed that thing right up.
I'd start with a 1070 Ti, Windows 10, Seasonic 650W Gold Focus and a 500GB Crucial SSD for your new OS and most used applications and games. That is unless you already have a Samsung Evo 500GB or better in there. I suggest the PSU because yours is old and you probably know it should be replaced.

I suggested the same with this member that has a 4690K and a 970.