[SOLVED] Looking to upgrade to a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor with gsync


Jan 19, 2015
Heads up as this is a long post (See the TL;DR at bottom if you wish to skip the heavy line of text)

Hello people of the internet, so lately I been thinking of upgrading my monitor. I currently have two ASUS V248QE Monitors (1080p, 144Hz, TN Panel, NO GSYNC/FREESYNC) and they're great. I owned them for about 15 months now. However, lately I been a bit disappointed when it comes to gaming and its been bugging me. There a few things that I noticed;

1) LACK OF GSYNC/FREESYNC: I love that my 1080p monitor is 144hz, however I notice alot of stuttering when it comes to gaming in that if my framerate is less than 100 fps (which most of the times it is), I see a lot of stuttering motion. This is mainly due to not having any gsync or freesync on my monitor. When the fps fluctuate alot around the 80s, it comes off as stuttery since it cannot keep up with the monitor being 144hz. It does not feel smooth as at, HOWEVER it's only noticeable if I am playing with a controller. If I am playing with mouse/keyboard, I don't notice it at all because I am moving the camera rather quickly whereas with a controller the camera moves slower, thus I see the stuttering. I mainly use m+kb for shooters and controller for everything else like 3rd person action games.

2) TN PANEL COLORS WASHED OUT: I been experimenting between my monitor and my 4K HDTV (I set the desktop resolution at 1080p for better comparison) and the biggest difference I notice is how the colors look. On my HDTV, the colors are vibrant and amazing with good levels of black. With the monitor, things tend to look a bit washed out. It just doesn't pop out to me like it does for the TV which again, even setting it at 1080p both in-game and desktop it looks miles better. I suppose this is due to my HDTV having a VA panel where as with my monitor it's a TN panel and just makes things look a bit dull at times compared to the vibrant looks on my HDTV. So I would like to get a new monitor that preferably has a VA or IPS panel.

3) GAMES TEND TO LOOK BLURRY: Pretty self-explanatory but I feel like alot of games tend to look blurry at times and I find myself using some sort of sharpening tool for most my games to make it look clearer. So upgrading to a 1440p monitor would surely help in some cases.

(TL;DR) These are the reason I am looking to upgrade and what I am looking for along with specs;
  • I'm looking to upgrade primarily for gaming
  • I want GSYNC
  • 27 inch 1440p 144hz is what I would prefer
  • Prefer a IPS/VA panel for better coloring compared to TN panels
  • I find 1080p kinda blurry at times
  • I mainly play single-player games and co-op games (rarely competitive games)
  • I am willing to put most game settings at medium or high if it means I can achieve a decent fps at 1440p as I don't have a target fps as long as I have GSYNC
  • I am ok with 120hz or 144hz, either is fine
  • I never play on ultra as I find those settings to be worthless and unoptimized
  • I sit at about 30 inches from the screen.
  • I will have a 1080p monitor as a secondary with 1440p as my main
  • Budget is $400 but if necessary I can be flexible

Here are my current build's spec and I just upgraded a little over a month ago so I don't plan on changing anything here for a bit.

  • Nvidia MSI RTX 2060 6GB
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • CX650 PSU
  • 16 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
  • Windows and Steam are installed on SSD