Looking to upgrade to a core 2 quad


Apr 21, 2010
Hi all thanks for reading this any input is greatly appreciated. I have a dell vostro 400 ( i know it's weak) I want to upgrade it to a core 2 quad. The Dell has a Foxconn G33M03 motherboard and the cpu is a core 2 duo E8400.
Does anybody know which core 2 quad's will work in this dell? Also, I heard if I upgrade I need to update the bios. If this is true any idea where and how to do this or who I can send it to to get professionally done. Please help I'm just looking to keep this system relevant a little while longer.
As long as it is in fact the G33M03 motherboard it will support a quad some vostros came with a G33M02 which could not handle a quad core. You can get the latest bios straight from dell website it will install itself just download it and it will do the rest usually. From what I could find it will work with all the core 2 quads except the QX9770. I would suggest looking for a Q9400 or Q9550 if you do decide to tackle the upgrade. But do make sure its a G33M03 It most likely is since it is running an E8400 now to help with the cost if that is an issue you should be able to sell the E8400 on ebay for around $100.


Nov 27, 2008
Yup, you should be good all the way up to the Q9650.

However the 9650 is vastly overpriced usually so look into either used or new Q9550/9400.

Also, if you live near a Microcenter you can pick up a Q9550 for under $200, which is a steal nowadays for that CPU.