Question Looking to upgrade to something current


Mar 15, 2014
This forum was instrumental in helping me get my first (and only) gaming PC built from the ground up. I'm not what you'd call a 'computer guy' and I'm not one for keeping up with all the trends. So here I am, 6 years later and I'm looking to upgrade to a better/current video card. I currently have an Nvidia 780 and I play FPS games (mainly Battlefield) and while the 780 is doing OK with BF5, I'm looking to get something with more oompf and to keep me going for another 3 or so years before I decide to build another rig. My settings are typically set to medium and would most likely continue playing that way since I prefer frame rate over visual beauty. Also, whatever is recommended MUST be able to be water cooled as that's what I'm running. I definitely don't need/want super ultra top of the line but my issue is that I'm not really versed as to what's 'good enough' for my needs. If the question of budget comes up, I'm looking to spend in the $500 - $600 range. I'd go lower if it fits my needs but not any higher.
Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.


the 780 is a little bit worse than the current gtx 1650.

if you want something cheap with quite a bit more oompf, the 1660 super is a very good value card, only at 230$.
and will be around 40% faster.

but at 500$, you have the 2070 super.
at 600$... you have nothing. the next card up is the 2080 super, at around 800 dollars.

amd has the radeon 7 but thats dead, so its only current gen gpu is 400$, the rx 5700xt which is very respectable, and is better than nvidia's 2060 super by quite a bit, but less than the 2070 super.