News Looks like nVidia is apologizing for their paper launch and shortages

Turtle Rig

Jun 23, 2020
I forgot the link and actually it was a short article. Looks like nVidia is manning up and admitting they screwed up with the 3080 and 3090 not being in stock and basically copying Intel and doing a paper launch. They admitted they have shortages and apologized for it. Im sure Tom will have a more in depth assesment of this possibly in the near future. Anyhow looks like if you want a 3080 or 3090 today it is not going to happen for most. The shortages will continue thru November and December so your best is to grab a card in January and what not. Im not saying you can't find a card now but that would involve getting screwed over on ebay with people jacking up the prices to insane ammounts. For those that have a a1080 and below Im sorry you have to go through this. Those with 2xxx series cards IMHO should stay put for now and see what happens with the 3070 release. There will also be a 3060 but these cards I believe will be out in late December and early next year. This sucks for some people and Im sorry for that but it is what it is and we are not in control. I knew this fabrication along with covid-19 equals doom for those excited to purchase a 3080 or 3090 right now. Hang in there guys nVidia said they will be coming. I personally don't blame nVidia but blame covid-19 and what not. Anyhow there is my two cents.👶💯🎗✝
The question that comes to mind is why can they not get the cards to market? 3080's in particular. If the earliest is q1 2021 when we can start seeing decent numbers available, I can't believe it can simply be blamed on pandemic issues. Surely they had to see the big Christmas season coming.

Could it be they're just not getting enough cherry-picked silicon? does this also suggest they're pushing it just a bit too hard? with the power levels required...and heat does raise some concerns. Or maybe should.