Dec 8, 2008
Common sense tells me, a water loop should follow this order: res-pump-cpu-gpu-rad-res.

However, I've seen alot of builds do res-pump-rad-cpu-gup-res.

I was just wondering if that second loop hinder the performance of the water cooling. Because idealy, I would like to go to the rad before the cpu/gpu because I want to mount the rad on the interior...



Contributing Writer
It doesn't really make much difference with your loop config, just as long as your reservior or T-line comes immediately before your pump to fill/prime. Other than that, it isn't a big deal since the water never really varies in temp from one point to another by more than a few C at any given time. Remember, water has great thermal capacity and the ability of it to carry more heat than air is what gives great, consistent temps over load times. Just as long as you have enough radiators to cool the components, you shouldn't have a problem with any loop config as long as the res/T-line always remain just before the pump.