Question Looping POST check bios and Crashing windows

May 3, 2021
I was doing my college task and then blackout comes to my house. The blackout happen more than 4 times like each 20minutes. I always turned on my PC again after blackout because i need to done my task. But somehow in the 3rd time of blackout my PC checking a BIOS or maybe BIOS update or POST check.
After that my IO turned off and need to wait a while for that procedure. Then, when it tried to booting up on windows it just always crashes and restarting again. And this condition Loops like forever.

But somehow it could bootup and popping out a message that say there is a drive error and need to be restarted so i did it. And it happen again forever looping of death.

Well, i cant say what is my pc currenly try todo because my vga were patched(atixdmag) and the bios screen are splitting up everywhere.

Here is the preview of what actually happening :

My Specs :
Proc : ryzen 5 3500
Gpu : rx580 dvi ports only
Ram : XPG spectrix D41 grey 2x8gb
Ssd : adata sx6000lite m.2 128gb
Hdd : wd green 2tb
Motherboard : Asrock b450 steel legend
PSU : enermax maxpro ii 650w
Whole system is approx 1 years old
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You forgot to mention the make and model of the PSU(and it's age if it's been in use for a while). You also will need to check and see which BIOS version you're currently on for your motherboard. To that note, why don't you have an UPS for your machine? It doesn't cost much and it allows you to have some power in order to safely save your work and then shut down the system, as opposed to having the system shut down abruptly and potentially damage all the hardware inside the chassis.
May 3, 2021
• My system currenly approx 1 year old, unless my gpu which is secondhand
• My Powersupply is enermaxpro ii 650w
• For the UPS i never expected to having this event, but anyway i will buy UPS.

Well, i actually aware about my ssd