Loose SATA Cables connecting OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD

This might be related to this thread I posted 6 months ago, but I doubt it.

Anyways, has anyone else had this happen?

6 months after my new rig build, I started getting a RAID failures to my (2) OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSDs. The drive on port 1 (drive #2) won't be seen in the BIOS. I cracked the case, and "reseated" the power & sata connectors to the drive.

Long story short, after switching out sata cables (to the proper SATA 3 cables, with metal latches), and getting a sata power splitter to plug into the drives (I thought I could have a bad power connector), I noticed this:

One of the sata connections to a SSD drive is really loose. I can pull in off the drive without any effort. The connection to the other drive is a little more stout, but they both wiggle. The new SATA III cables are from OKGear, 20" round.

Is this a quality problem with the drive? Plugging and unplugging too much? Did the mobile dock screw them up? And should I get new drives (looking at OCZ Vertex 3 60GB x2 anyway.)

Any advise will be appreciated.


Oct 1, 2011
This is not a QC issue. I have Kingston HyperX in one PC and 2x Corsair's in my gaming rig. On all the SSD's the cable goes on but doesn't lock or anything. The slightest touch or moving things around inside the case installing something else and they slide off. I find it extremely annoying and can't understand why nobody makes a cable with fill fit the SSD snugly.
Might be the drives themselves.

When I got 2xOCZ Vertex 3 60GB, AND OKGear SATA III cables (with metal latch), they plugged in more soundly.

Now I have 2xOCZ Vertex 3 MaxIOPS 120GB, and OKGear SATA III cables. All is well.

However, you can still pull off the cables from the drives, but you have to pull.

Another thing, Now one of my motherboards SATA ports is loose. Guess I pulled the cables with the metal latches too hard, and the latch now has nothing to grab onto. It made a groove in the port.

All goes to show, quick messing with it. Leave well enough alone.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

How could the firmware (was v2.11, now is 2.15) have ANYTHING to do with the cables staying plugged into the drive?

BTW: Thanks mousemonkey, for everything you have done for me isn the past (He's a moderator)!

Ahh yes, possible...