Question Losing 30% of my FPS in one session (then randomly getting them back in another session) Help!

Billy Pilgrim

Mar 6, 2014
I have a frustrating problem.

Since last night, 6pm, I load up a game and get 65-70 fps, and then I load up another session with the same game (after a PC restart, or not) and I get 105-110 fps (what it "should" be).

I have an i7 4770k (oc @ 4.4) and a 1080ti GPU and Asus Z87Pro mobo (triple screens, the only game I use is a race sim - Assetto Corsa). I have had this setup for a few years with no problem really.

I have fiddled about, checked the overclock, re-started the computer several times and realised that I get back all the lost fps seemingly at random, then can lose them again seemingly at random.

I've checked with OCCT and MSI Afterburner: everything seems ok in there (temps are ok at least).

One clue I have which may be significant: when the fps is bad, the game takes much longer to load. Another clue: I use the Task Manager performances tab and see that the GPU is running at 55 to 73% when the fps are low, but it's running at 95 to 99% when my fps are good. It consistently says the CPU is at 50%.

I have updated the driver for the GPU (doesn't help).

Any thoughts, ideas on what could be the cause, or how to fix?