Question Losing connection to any game's servers - everything else works just fine ?

Feb 11, 2021
So I have this issue for a copule of months already but couldn't find time and help to solve it. The problem is occurring in every multiplayer game I tried to play (COD:MW, Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO, League of Legends, PUBG and Valorant). In 2 hour gaming session I'm getting disconnected from the server at least 3 times. At the same time everything else works just fine - I'm not disconnecting from teamspeak or discord servers etc. I can also instantly reconnect right after getting kicked from the server. I was blaming wi-fi for a long time but I've switched to wired and the issue is still there. My internet is 1/1 Gb/s fiber optic and my router is ZTE F680. This forum is my last resort - ISP says that issue is not on their side and any other forum, subreddit or group wasn't able to help me.

And please forgive me for any mistakes, english is not my first language
Why do you think everything else works just fine. Games are much more susceptible to packet loss.

Start with a constant ping to some ip like If you get loss in this as the same time your game disconnects you need to then try to find where the loss is happening. If there is no loss in the ping the disconnects in the game are not likely network related and are something else much harder like video drivers or memory issues etc.