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Question Losing connection

Mar 11, 2020
This has been happening for quite sometime but basically I have been dropping connection from a game for about maybe 5-10 seconds in Tarkov or Siege which causes me to be disconnected from the server. If you play these games you know that its terrible timing when you drop connection especially in ranked or in a gunfight haha. Whats weird is that in discord I can hear my buddies talking and stuff and you know they'll say "oh he lost connection again" and its weird that I don't get disconnected from the discord. Anybody got any ideas? Also nobody in the house loses connection to the Wifi its just me dropping connection for a hot minute. I never lose connection the the WiFi and I tried updating my network card, graphics card, resetting my PC to factory new. I am not super good with computers and I cannot find a resolution here from the games support. I've been told its my PC so any help?