[SOLVED] Losing Internet connection when downloading

Aug 7, 2021
Hello hello I may have a fairly complicated problem which I have troubles fixing:

Whenever I download something with my computer (win 10 home 64 bit) connected via a TP Link Wlan stick connected to a wlan extender which is connected to the router, I lose internet connection but my wlan is still connected to the extender.
After that I have to plug out and in the extender otherwise I would have no internet on that wlan connection. I can still download up to a rate of about 330kb, surf without trouble except a few sites causing this same problem but watch videos. If I go higher than about 330kb I immediatly lose the connection, where the download rate somewhat slowly drops to 0kb in 10-20 seconds. Then when I have no internet connection, the extender is no longer connected to the router as I cannot open my router anymore after I do this. My smartphone can also not access the internet with the extender after I download something over 330kb. I can download apps with my smartphone without running in this problem, its a stable connection with my smartphone.

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Extender/repeaters are a huge pain and you should not use them if you have any other options. Things like powerline networks or moca are a much better first choice.

Your problem likely is the placement of the extender. It must be placed in a area that it get very strong signal from the main router but can still provide a good network signal to the remote location. In many houses this location does not exist because of the signal being absorbed by some wall or floor in the path.
Many people also make the mistake of placing the extender in the remote room. The extender like the end devices will still get a poor signal from the main router. So now end devices might get a stronger signals from the extender but the quality of the signal is still poor because of the poor connection to the main router.

It is actually very common for wifi to disconnect a high data rates. It is getting so many data errors on a poor connection that it tries to get a more stable data encoding. It should just drop and reconnect but it doesn't always happen when the signal levels are poor.

I would still look for other option to a extender but it is going to be trial and error to find a better placement location in your house.