Jul 22, 2019
So, I just got a new router 2 days ago, TP-Link AX1800, because I would randomly lose internet with my old router, some Belkin, but I am still losing internet randomly for up to about a minute with the new router. With the old router, I would lose internet for like 5 minutes sometimes but less often. I've had the old router for a few years, never had an issue until about a couple of months ago.

I go into the new router settings; it says its had internet since I connected it originally, but my devices lose internet randomly. I've lost internet 3 or 4 times in an hour at one point. Other times, I lose it once in a few hour span.

It's odd that the how long and how often I lose internet has changed with the router. It seems like it's not the router because I still lose internet, but like I said, the frequency and duration have changed. I can tell you the modem is provided by the ISP, and I think it's a somewhat old modem.

I don't know much about routers and networking. I would appreciate some help. Thank you for reading.


Intermittent loss of Internet access can be a symptom of a dying modem, especially when they are older since most are in plastic cases without a fan. I would use an Ethernet cable directly to the modem from a computer to see if the problem continues. If so, you need a new modem.