Question Losing signal specifically on Asus monitor when plugging in 3rd monitor

Jun 30, 2020
Whenever I have my two PC monitors and my OLED TV connected to my GPU at the same time my Asus monitor loses signal. My monitors are connected using displayport cables for the PC monitors and a hdmi for the tv, I can get signal on both of the monitors at the same time or a single PC monitor as well as the TV, they have all been connected at the same time in the past and I've even had this problem in the past however it just doesn't seem to want to work now.

I have tried to switch and reseat the cables between the PC monitors and it seems like it is always the ASUS monitor that has the signal issue while the TV is plugged into the PC. The problem monitor still shows up in the device manager when it says it has no signal.

Monitors: ASUS MG248, AOC G2460F and LG C8

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Since it has worked in the past I suspect that it isn't any PC components that are faulty.
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