Question Loss of Bandwidth


Aug 24, 2012
Hi I have a Gigabyte Package with Comcast. They give me 1200 MBPS bits or bytes. I had them come out a few days ago because My bandwidth was dropping big time it showed this on I get 787.58 down and 42.01 up So I had xfinity come out. and they ran there test on there meater and showed that I was getting what I'm supossed to get so they said it's either my computer or it's My ethernet controller. But I get pretty fast throughput getting into websites Its just when I go to download files software or do any torrenting My speed is lousy real slow. It flucuates but it's real slow. Not sure of the exact speed just trust me it's real slow. I have an Arris Surfboard 3.5 gbps download cable modem which is the s33 I got it because Xfinity recommended it. My other modem wasn't keeping up with the new speeds. And I have a x6 or 8 Night hawk router as well. Even when I go with a straight Modem connection My speeds are still lousy downloading not getting into websites though. Can having things turned off on my windows 11 desktop computer Block my bandwidth sort of speak so it doesn't allow me to use it? Like for example I have windows firewall completley turned of in group policy. So I don't think I have anything coming in or going out for Incoming out outgoing connections. I don;t think the issue whith slow download speeds is My ethernet controller I have an intel2 Ethernet 1219v I don't know why it says 2 does that mean I'm using to copies of my intel ethernet drivers? Also My ethernet controller is a gigabyte but it doesn't support 1200 for speed. Does that mean that it can't keep up and that's why I'm loosing speed. Also I have another ethernet controller on this z370 gaming 7 from gigabyte the killer and I know that's working I never use it but today I switched over to it and It works fine but I still am having the slow Broadband speed and download. So I'm thinking about doing a full reinstall of windows 10 with the upgrade to 11 to wipe out all the tweaks that I have done to see if that frees things up. Any help would be great I'm so desperate. Also could you direct to where the printers section is on here? Thank you!!

So to start with your router and the pc only have 1gbit ports. It does not matter if the isp has 1.2g you can not actually use it.
There is also some overhead in data transmission that will eat into the data rates. The best you hope for is a bit over 900mbps in speedtest sites.

Next you have to be very careful in looking at the numbers. Things like speedtest measure in mbit and downloads measure in MBYTE. You need to multiply by 8 to get the numbers in mbit and again there is some more overhead in the download numbers than say a speedtest.

Since you are still testing very fast rates to speedtest even though it is a couple hundred from the max it eliminates most network problems. What tends to cause this is some maybe the tweaks. It can also be in the router. Many times there are features in the router that will reduce its ability to pass traffic. In your case since it does this when you plug into the modem it is not likely the router. You could try a factory reset on the router and then set only the admin passwords and the wifi settings. Leave everything else on default to do your test.

The kinda quick way to test if it is windows rather than reinstall is to boot a linux USB image. Most come with browsers preinstalled so you can run the same speedtest sites.

Problem is if linux works you are back to what setting did you change in windows.

Software to look for that is suspect is anything that talks about QoS or giving priority to certain network traffic. From what I can tell your motherboard does not come with the very common bloatware that does this buy you may have installed it yourself.

When you have a very fast internet connection you have to be careful about the overhead software put on examining the network traffic. Things like the firewall can also cause this but since you disabled it that is not the cause.