[SOLVED] Loss of performance

Feb 27, 2019
Hi guys

I recently had a black screening issue that took a while to resolve. Now that it is fixed I'm seeing a considerable performance loss on benchmarks. Unigine Heaven 4.0 is only hitting 1900 where it was 3000+ before. I'm no pro when it comes to software...or PC's in general but I cant imagine what I'm missing.

Ryzen 2700x
Asus x470-f
32G Gskill trident ram 3000mhz (8x4)
msi rx580 armor mk2 8GB
650w corsair bronze psu
Corsair M.2 NVME 250GB SSD

-During the trouble shooting my computer was basically dismantled other than the cpu/cooler being removed.
-Ive installed fresh windows on a new M.2 drive.
-All drivers for mobo and GPU were installed off CD's and then I used Driver Booster to update everything.
-Ive lightly overclocked CPU to 4.1ghz by setting TPU to TPU II in BIOS
-Ram is running at 3000mhz
-Have not overclocked the GPU. Benchmark shows it at 1366mhz(GPU) 2000mhz(Mem)
-All overclocking was done after the performance loss was noticed and has had 0 effect.

-Black screening issue was caused by a PC stat monitoring program call CAM. I'm still having trouble believing it but the problem started the day I installed it and when I wiped the computer it returned as soon as it was reloaded. Took me a solid week to figure that one out...

Any thoughts?


May 22, 2019
It would be better to reset Windows and just start again. That sort of program will install lots of other hidden programs, which then modify Windows files. You might not be able to restore Windows to proper speed without resetting it.
Feb 27, 2019
This could well be an issue, avoid third party driver installers, they have a notorious habit of installing items that shouldn't be installed, and installing the wrong drivers altogether.

What exactly was the black screen issue you are referring to and how exactly did you resolve it?
The black screening issue was basically a black screen that occurred randomly during use or at idle. The reset/power buttons would not work and I had to turn the PSU off to reset the computer. The black screen could happen 3 times an hour or once a day.

I found an AMD forum where people were complaining about a similar problem on similar platforms. One solution somebody had was to remove cpu/gpu temp monitoring programs. I had recently installed a monitoring program called CAM and had re-installed it after I reloaded windows. As soon as it was gone the problem went with it.

That said, it was hardly the first thing I tried. I also tried:

-Updating/resetting bios
-Swapping PSU
-Swapping vid cards
-Ram test, memtest86 (pass)
-Changed SSD to an M.2 with fresh windows
-Removing all unnecessary components

I'm thinking I will remove Driver Booster and re-load drivers. Can you recommend a program to remove drivers?