Question Lost all my Data from drive installing Chrome OS


Oct 27, 2017
Greetings and hello everyone

So I was installing Chrome OS to try it out

Since I am using my OC 1 primary m.2 another 2.5 ssd ,1tb hdd and another 2tb portable HDD was plugged in

Me being stupid I assumed that setup will automatically go for m.2

Here's a bit detail on what happened

To install Chrome OS on any PC one need to boot in USB Bootable Linux and install OS via terminal it didn't ask me anything and went straight to 1tb Partition creating its own plethora of partitions by the time I realized I should have unplugged other drives I was already doing its work I was praying to god please be the m.2 and not one of the data drives but as soon as system booted in windows I realized it ****d me over

I need to know how can I get my old data back in safest way possible I am aware of few recovery applications but often have seen results pop up in an unsorted way and now that it even deleted the data partition and created new ones to begin with what would be a better way to recover before I touch smth else on that drive

I had large games on the drive lots of movies lots of pictures

My whole bright day went straight to ruins 😑😔😔

I wish I had kept that in mind

Stupid me

This is the current HDD state