Question Lost Folders and Files on USB drive

Mar 27, 2020
Hello to all,

I cannot find the proper answer for this, would you like to help me ?

Transfering a folder between a tablet and a PC, I created a new folder on a USB drive (32GB Emtec) in Windows with the files in a folder, ejected it safely and put it into a tablet. The tablet could not find the folder as well as couple of others folders and files and from what was 200mb of free space on a USB drive , I have now 5GB of space and effectively some folders and files are lost.

Any chance to find my lost folders and files on my USB drive which cannot be seen neither accessed (the drive went from 200MB of free space up to 5GB of free space - I did NOT delete anything, I am always very cautious). Will the recovery software see the folders and files or is there an easier way without deleting/erasing all on my USB drive?

Thanks for anyone who can help.
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Why are they lost? Aren't they still on the PC?
btw - the proper workflow would be to copy the files and not delete the originals until after you've confirmed they are 100% intact on the destination device. .

As for recovery, you risk nothing in trying aside from wasted time. Do not recover the files to the flash drive. You never write to a drive you are recovering from (you get cudo's for being careful to not accidentally delete stuff)
Recover them to a folder on your HDD. I've had good results with PhotoRec.

Lastly, keep in mind that important files should always be backed up to another device. All drives fail and some without any notice or chance of recovery. The more copies you have on different devices the safer your files are.