Question Lost in a sea of BSOD


Jul 23, 2019
I will do my best to be clear and prompt - but this has been a bit of a journey:

I don't remember when it started, so I can't point to any specific source but a while back my pc started blue screening once or twice a week. It was always at the start of boot up, as soon as my desktop would load after maybe 45 seconds it would blue screen. Occasionally it would blue screen when just chatting with folks in Discord. This went on for months and I never did much about it because it was not that inconvenient and would never happen during games.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago and I started playing a game called Slipways, the only significance here is that it's a Unity game. It was crashing - throwing some error about .dll files. I shared this with the developer and he felt it was hardware-related and on my end. I noticed other Unity games I played started doing the same thing. If they didn't crash they would be interrupted by a BSOD. This is where I started doing some more investigating...

To make a long story short - My first real step to solving the problem was clean installing windows. This seemed like it worked for the first two days - and then blue screens again. The error codes were a bit more ominous, and some of them even were pointing at wifi & blue tooth drivers (I don't have any blue tooth or wifi capabilities on my board). But the errors seemed more explicit in RAM being an issue. So I switched out the RAM & ran memtest 86 on the new stuff - no errors. I also had a suspicion that the drives my OS was living on were buggered up somehow (Samsung 970 Evo NVME 250GB). So I clean installed windows on a Samsung 870 EVO SSD that was brand new (nvme's were used).

Booting into the clean install everything was working fine up until just a bit ago and I was hit with another blue screen. A page fault in non paged area. This was after I explicitly downloaded all relevant drivers and chipset. At this point I am at a loss - I am hoping someone can lend some insight into the situation.

The only notable times I have noticed errors are playing unity games, a minute after boot up, opening or closing programs - otherwise it happens at random. There was a particular case where displays cut out, went to blue screen and my resolution was super low - hinting at issues with GPU & drivers - but I ahve since made sure I am on the latest driver.

It feels like I have correctly diagnosed at least one thing but I happened to have multiple things going wrong that I am still chasing here. Any help would be great.

to summarize solutions so far:
clean installed windows
replaced ram
installed windows onto different disk
ran command prompt commands: DISM, SFC (this was most recent - it noted it repaired things - haven't hit anything yet but it usually takes some time)
Double checked drivers for peripherals & made sure windows is up to date
Updated bios & installed relevant chipset

system specs:
Amd Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte Gaming X x570
Rtx 3070
16gb (2 x 8) Gskill Ripjaws @ 3200 (matches motherboard QVL)
EVGA 750 bronze PSU
WD Black PCIE nvme
Samsung 970 evo nvme
Samsung 870 evo ssd