Lost in numbers/what to choose..? MSI GP66 Leopard. Different processor specs?

Feb 7, 2022
Hi and thanks:)
I am looking for a new powerful laptop (for gaming, music making and more). And in Danmark there is currently som offers on the msi gp66 Leopard..
BUT,,, it really feels like a jungle to choose between the different "product-versions" (to very different prices) of the same computer, and I can't figure out what the differences ACTUALLY is..??
E.g. I am currently looking at 4 different offers:
-11UH-237 for 14.999 dkk (2014 eur) Link: https://bit.ly/3ooSscm
-11UH-09 for 18.499 dkk (2485 eur) Link: https://sharkgaming.dk/msi-gp66-leopard-11uh-091neu
-11uh-091neu for 17.335 dkk (2328 eur) Link: https://bit.ly/34BvE1W
-11uh-226neu for 13.999 dkk (1880 eur) Link: https://bit.ly/3ur8qWY

The only technical difference I can spot is that the last (and cheapest) one seems to have a base clock speed 1.9 GHz, while all the others have 2.3 GHz..
Otherwise they all seem to have the same specs, fx:
-Intel® Core™ i7-11800H with boost speed 4.6 GHz
-16 gb ddr RAM
-RTX 3080
-1 TB ssd
..and so on..

-None of the local dealers can really explain the actual difference to me, and I guess they are also biased and on a selling-mission..

So,, my questions are:
  1. Why the big price differences? (I guess the term: "you get what you pay for" still holds... So I kind of want to know exactly what I am paying for and not..)
  2. Is the difference between (octa-core) base clock speed 1.9 and 2.3 significant? I mean as in 672 EUR price difference significant?
  3. What would you choose if you were me?

Many thanks:)


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

None of the local dealers can really explain the actual difference to me, and I guess they are also biased and on a selling-mission..
They usually are but often times, you need to understand that they might just even be clueless, with an attitude for who needs to know so much, it's a laptop, man!

If you look here;
You'll see that the Configurable TDP-down Base Frequency for the processor is 1.9GHz. So they all the same, even down to the resolution of the panels and their refresh rates. Unless ofc they are misinforming customers. I do suspect that some stores will have a markup as opposed to another store.

music making
What would you choose if you were me?

I'd get a Mac for music production. For everything else under the sun, Windows.
Feb 7, 2022
Thanks a lot:)
I am not completely sure how the TDP works.. Is it a 'fixed' setting, or does it mean that it just operates between 1.9 and 2.3?
If that is the case, it seems that the dealer with the 1.9 one, have just listed that in the specs instead of 2.3..
Is it a possibility that the different "models" (e.g. 11800H-237 and 11800H-091) could have different pre-modified TDP-settings - and that explains the price differences?