Lost my cd need to reinstall office 2000 have key


Jan 17, 2012
I can not find disk one of my Office 2000, but still have the manual with the key. Is there any way I can reinstall, download it or something?
Office 2000 is pretty much obsolete at this point --- If you just need a decent Office package get the Free Open Office program instead it does pretty much everything the newer Office suite does (including opening\saving in the office formats) and is free -- and much better than a 12 year old MS app !

THe Open Office program linked earlier is FREE and does pretty much everything MS's version does including opening and saving in the exact same formats so documents etc. can be moved to other systems using Office and also includes most of the improvements that MS has included in the newer versions of OFFICE since 2000 so using it would result in more compatibility with the newer office suites than the old office 2000 has ( since 2000 can not open\read the newer office 2007 documents for example unless they are saved to compatibility format)